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Do Your Thing Queen is a movement promoting positivity & women empowerment, started by one dope individual. 

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Travel Diary: Orlando, Florida 

No I am not in school and no I am not a teacher but yes, I do take a spring break. We all deserve a break every now & then. This year mom, sis, and I took a road trip down to sunny Orlando, Florida usually an 8 hour car drive (except during spring break smh), the drive back took 14! But it was a great family trip! 

We decided while down in Orlando, we would take a trip to one of the local beaches so we took a drive east to Cocoa Beach just an hour away, known as Orlando’s beach. The weather was perfect, and the water was freezing! So we relaxed on the sand beside the pier ate ice cream, got our feet wet, and the sister and I got henna tattoos. 


Our resort Westgate Villas & Town Center has so many on-site accommodations like a water park, bicycles, paddle boats, spa, restaurants, they literally have everything you can imagine. 



This day turned into a lot of fun after going to the resort’s waterpark, little sis decided she wanted to go go-kart racing but Florida’s weather took a turn per usual and it started to storm so we went to Dave & Buster’s instead. I absolutely love arcade games and we had the time of our lives playing Dance Dance Revolution, basketball, and winning over 2000 tickets! We really had a lot of fun! 

I could really see myself in Florida, but only once they get the lizards under control. 

Next trip is to Pennsylvania in May. I’m super excited about it because I’ll be visiting my godmother in Hershey and hopefully get lots and lots of chocolate! ^_^ 

Super Bowl Fashions

So your team made it to the Super Bowl, what are you going to wear? Luckily there’s a lot of cute and stylish NFL gear for women no more wearing the big and boxy jerseys, you can wear something that still shows off your shape and makes you look smokin` hot while cheering your team on.

Now I may be a little bias seeing as though I’m from Charlotte and rooting for my home team the Carolina Panthers but here are a few ideas for even you Denver Broncos fans.

what to wear for super bowl



Which team will you be cheering for in  Super Bowl 50?

CIAA 2016: The Literary Experience 

It’s almost that time again, in a few weeks the largest HBCU basketball tournament CIAA will be rolling into Charlotte, NC Feb 21 – Feb 27. There will be plenty of basketball, parties, celebs, concerts, basically anything that you can think of will be happening. 

I was honored to be invited to the Blogging Beauties social brunch on Saturday Feb 27. 


Come meet me at the Literary Experience CIAA Edition powered by Delphine Legacy Media, @thelitish and Blogging Beauties Tour will feature bloggers, celebs, and authors in  the city of Charlotte Feb 27, 2016. Join us for the social brunch of the year! We will take you between the pages of some of the best selling novels with author- reader interaction, branding &blogging tips. Plus, surprise celebrity guests, food, music,  drinks, exclusive red carpet interviews and more! Sponsored by @thelitish @upscalemagazine


Email for more information. 

Travel: Cabbagetown U.S.A 

Spent the Halloween weekend down in Atlanta, GA with 4 of my best friends from college. We came to this cute little neighborhood outside of downtown Atlanta called Cabbagetown, a cute little quaint area with beautiful and brightly colored homes lined up perfectly down the street.

We enjoyed brunch on Halloween morning at Carroll St. Cafe where we enjoyed mimosas and a delightful breakfast menu. The food was so amazing and the people there were so friendly and totally had the Halloween spirit the entire staff were dressed in costumes, our waitress was dressed as “Spock” from Star Wars.

   …best friends… Deejay, Lanita, myself 
     …best friends…Jasmine, Candace, Lanita   

This weekend getaway was much needed. We all had so much fun and more crazy stories to tell for sure!

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Proverbs 27:9