National Lipstick Day 


Parisian Style Inspo

So I’ve been obsessing over Parisian street style and fashions lately and just love the chic and slightly polished look.

I decided to try the bandana around the neck look today (without suffering from a heatstroke) so I paired it with my soft pleated Vince Camuto skirt and sleeveless Levi’s button-up.

Here’s a few of my favorite Parisian inspired looks from Pinterest.

First Look: Kenzo x H&M 

When H&M announced that their next designer collaboration would be Parisian fashion house Kenzo, I literally squealed with excitement. Kenzo has forever been one of my favorite designer lines because of its bold prints. 

Here’s the first look from the upcoming collection releasing November 3, online and in selected stores. 

White on White + Marc Jacobs bag 

You can never go wrong with a coordinated look. I paired this Zara drop-waist skirt with a white cloth vest for the perfect go to look for work today. And my new baby, this Marc Jacobs bucket bag adds the right amount of pop to the look. 

p.s. I wore these heels all day while working today. Kudos to me, because I hate heels but I’m slowly trying to wear them more.