Fashion Nova Jeans + Yeezy for President hat 

I hope everyone’s unofficial summer is going as great as mine! It’s only been here for 3 weeks and I’ve literally had amazing weekends back to back and they’re not ending anytime soon. 

June 8th is Ye day, in honor of my favorite rapper Kanye West so I had to pull out my new “dad” hat and wear it in his honor. Also, only listening to his music which, I listen to religiously anyway. 

I rarely wear jeans during these hot & humid summer months by after ordering the infamous high waisted jeans from Fashion Nova I must admit I’m in love with the fit and will be wearing them all the time. 

Now if you’re like me, you’re thinking jeans from online sounds like a disaster, but I was really surprised with the fit and stretch in these jeans. They fit amazing for women like myself who have curves, hips, thighs, all of that. I ordered in my regular size and they fit perfectly. 

HAT | Etsy TSHIRT | Nordstrom Rack JEANS | Fashion Nova SHOES | Topshop 


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