CIAA 2016: The Literary Experience 

It’s almost that time again, in a few weeks the largest HBCU basketball tournament CIAA will be rolling into Charlotte, NC Feb 21 – Feb 27. There will be plenty of basketball, parties, celebs, concerts, basically anything that you can think of will be happening. 

I was honored to be invited to the Blogging Beauties social brunch on Saturday Feb 27. 


Come meet me at the Literary Experience CIAA Edition powered by Delphine Legacy Media, @thelitish and Blogging Beauties Tour will feature bloggers, celebs, and authors in  the city of Charlotte Feb 27, 2016. Join us for the social brunch of the year! We will take you between the pages of some of the best selling novels with author- reader interaction, branding &blogging tips. Plus, surprise celebrity guests, food, music,  drinks, exclusive red carpet interviews and more! Sponsored by @thelitish @upscalemagazine


Email for more information. 


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